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Print and Digital Marketing … A Winning Combination

The Ideal Marketing Strategy

Over 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy uses a combination of both print and digital communications.  Using the two concurrently leverages the strengths of both and emphasizes the value of print marketing as an important component of any marketing campaign. 

Print Marketing Offers Many Choices

Printed brochures
, pocket folders, presentations, flyers, postcards, labels, posters and banners are important tools that customers use to recognize your brand and learn more about your offering. 

With the more varied use of print marketing tools, when customers receive a printed item, it has a greater impact and leaves a more lasting impression.

Advertising specialty items with your logo or key message printed on them continue to find new and fun ways to keep your name in front of your customers.  From cups, to pens, to golf balls and clothing, almost any item can be used to make a marketing statement.

Incorporating Digital Technology

Print marketing has also evolved to incorporate digital technology like Variable Printing and QR codes

Variable printing allows for personalization of each printed item, while QR codes connect users to more information on a merchant’s website. These techniques combine aspects of digital marketing with a printed piece to make for a better customer experience.

Attracting Future Customers

Customers continue to want to receive information in multiple ways.  They also want the message to be communicated quickly and succinctly.  Print marketing can accomplish these objectives and attract future customers, now and for years to come.

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