Producing AnĀ Outstanding Finished Product

Bindery Services Complete the Job

print bindingPrinted materials need to be cut, collated, folded, stitched, drilled, numbered, scored, perforated and packaged. That’s where Modern Graphics’ dedicated bindery team takes over. We know each piece must be handled with care to maintain the finest look.

Booklets or catalogs may be single or right-angle folded and then high-speed collated into sets for stitching and trimming. Our folder can accommodate paper sizes up to 20 1/2″ x 33″. The programmable cutter can process 36″ x 36″ sheets. That means more workflows through the bindery faster, at a lower cost to you.

Big Jobs Go Quickly

Our programmable numbering machine also perforates and scores, and our three-station drilling machine makes even the big jobs go quickly.

Modern Graphics’ bindery team and can-do shipping crew will process, wrap and ship your order like it was our own.

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