Mailing Service

Let Us Handle Your Next Mailing From Start to Finish

Direct-Mail-ServicesWhen you need to mail a special one-time project, or have regular daily, weekly or monthly mailings, let Modern Graphics take this time consuming and detailed process off your hands.

Modern Graphics offers streamlined processes and reporting that enhance your efficiency and ensure bulk mailings meet all postal service requirements. Our mailing programs get your letter, parcel or package to your domestic and international customers on-time and cost-effectively.

We Can Create Targeted Mailings

If you do not already have your own mailing database, we can purchase a mailing list tailored to your target market.  Provide us with demographics and target geographical area you wish to mail to and we’ll  provide a free estimate based on the number of addresses in the mailing.  Once purchased, lists can be used multiple times over a 12 month period.

Mailing Services

Mail List Processing
All mailing lists are run through the United States Postal Services”s CASS* and NCOA** systems, as well as scanned for duplicate records.  This ensures you are only sending to addresses that are correct and up-to-date.

*CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) is a program offered by the Post Office to standardize street names and abbreviations, add +4 to provided zip codes and improve the accuracy of mailing addresses.  The provided addresses not matched in this system will be kicked back as bad and an explanation will be included on why it is not a good record.

**NCOA (National Change of Address) is a database managed by the Post Office that includes all individuals, families and businesses who have filed for a change-of-address.

Modern Graphics offers USPS approved tabs and all tabbed mail meets Post Office requirements.

Our automatic inserter makes multiple piece projects simple to prep for mailing.  We can insert up to six pieces into a standard commercial envelope and seal it in a matter of seconds per piece.  We also accommodate special projects that require inserting items by hand.

Addresses are directly printed on your mail piece with the USPS intelligent barcode, We can also address and apply mailing labels.

Delivery to Local Post Office
Delivery to the Anderson, IN Post Office is free with all mailings.  If your permit requires the mailing to drop at a different post office, we will deliver that as well with a small delivery charge.

Mailing options include:
Metered First Class (No Minimum – No Permit Required)
First Class Presort (500 Piece Minimum)
Standard USPS Marketing Mail (200 Piece Minimum)
Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail (200 Piece Min

USPS Mail Permits
Don’t have your own bulk mail permit? No problem! We maintain the standard, nonprofit and first class presort permits with the Anderson, IN post office.  Please note, in order to use the nonprofit permit, your organization must be set up as a nonprofit with the USPS.

Contact Us

Want to learn more on how Modern Graphics can manage your next large mailing?  Just give us a call at 765-472-3984 or 800-248-3984.  You can also contact us by Email.

At Modern Graphics we look forward to serving your print marketing needs!