Fold, Trim and Bind

Special Folds, Trimming and Binding

Finding ways to stand out and create high-impact promotional materials gets more and more challenging all the time.  Having great writing, design and photography are important, but so is knowing how to display your content in an eye-catching manner.

Unfolding Your Story
One of the most impactful ways to visually tell your story is to unveil it a little at a time by using gate folds in your printed materials.  As you open each page, your story comes to life and further captures your reader’s attention.

Print, Trim, Fold and Bind
Modern Graphics has the complete capability to print, trim, accurately align, fold and bind printed materials in unique and sometimes challenging configurations. 

By having the equipment and technical skills to expertly create materials that visually draw in your customers, Modern Graphics will make your product, service or venture stand out in dramatic fashion.

Delphi Opera House Story Unfolds
In a brochure created for the Delphi Preservation Society, the story behind the restoration of the historic Delphi Opera House unfolds in vivid detail ... recreating the splendor of this 19th Century showplace.

As part of this project, Modern Graphics had to address special trimming and alignment requirements to create the gate folds and final look of this brochure. 

Looking to Make an Impact

Contact us and we’ll work with you to incorporate different printing and display techniques into your next brochure, flyer or other printed item. 

We’ll make sure you look good on paper!  

*The Delphi Opera House brochure was designed by Natalie Powell and written by Kathy Mayer.


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